EuGMS' Pre-congress Seminar in Thessaloniki, Gr.


The second pre-congress meeting of the Athens 2020 EuGMS congress entitled "Geriatric patients in need of chronic care: from community to institution and back" took place in Thessaloniki on 22-23 November 2019. 


President of Armenian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology Artur Torosyan who is a Full Board member of EuGMS, also took part in the meeting. He was invited by European Geriatric Medicine Society and Hellenic Consortium for Geriatric Medicine.


The international round table ‘Challenges in implementing integrated care: how to promote the geriatric approach in the primary care in the Balkan countries. It was a wonderful chance for experience exchange as Geriatric Medicine is newly developing branch in those countries too. 


Representatives of Albania, Croatia, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey took part, provided well-prepared presentations on the current status of undergraduate and postgraduate education in geriatric medicine, preoperative risk assessment of geriatric patients and assessment of the functional status of people older than 80 years with geriatric syndromes in the respective countries.  


The meeting  served as a green light for further mutual initiatives in order to foster geriatric medicine and education, research and professional expertise across the Balkan countries and Armenia.  


Artur Torosyan also used the chance and made a study visit to two local day care and Alzheimer’s care centers for elderly.

12/9/2019 3:15:05 PM

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